Why How You Eat, Can Be More Important Than What You Eat.

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I learned this concept in a course I took, and I thought I would share it with my beautiful community.

Don't get me wrong, what you put on your plate is very important but did you know, that how you eat has even more of an impact on our body in ways that you can't imagine? For example, let's start with how much time you should be spending on eating a meal and why it's that important?

Research suggests that a 20-minute meal will do all sorts of good things for your body and also, improve digestion.

Now, why is this? Because when you eat quickly, your body doesn't have the time to go through its natural signalling process, which involves a variety of hormones and feedback loops between your gut and your brain. The hormones that tell you when you've had enough food are produced while you're eating, but it takes a little bit of time for this to occur.

When we eat too quickly we tend to overeat and not feel full, before the body has a chance to signal us that we've had enough. Eating too fast also increases the amount of air introduced with our food when a person swallows, which can lead to bloating, indigestion and burping.

So, How can we slow down the quick eating habit?

1. Putting your fork down on the table between bites.

2. Chewing slowly and deliberately.

3. Breathing between our bites.

Why breathing you may ask? Because oxygen is a key nutrient that helps speeds up your metabolism. Oxygen and breathing are just another reason why "how you eat" is even more important than what you eat. If you're eating too fast and you're not breathing during the meal, then you're decreasing nutrient absorption, slowing down your metabolism and probably eating more than you need to.

I hope that this information will be helpful and that you can apply it to your everyday eating habits, and see if it makes any difference in your digestion.

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