Grape Apple Juice for Health with Nama Cold Press Juicer

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A delicious, healthy drink that is perfect for your health and vitality! This grape apple juice is full of antioxidants and other nutrients that will help you feel your best.

This my friends is a perfect drink. Grape apple juice is liquid candy, sweet and so heavenly delicious! Full of anti-inflammatory properties, it also boosts brainpower and prevents eye degeneration. Grape apple juice also reduces the risk of heart diseases and relieves asthma. And don't forget to use the pulp in your smoothies - it adds delicious sweetness and the fiber feeds your microbiome. So, save yourself the trip to Starbucks and mix up a grape apple juice instead - your body will thank you for it!

Take a look at all the benefits that Grape and Apple juice has to offer.

Grape Juice, relieves migraine, constipation, asthma, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost brain power, contain anti-inflammatory properties, prevents eye degeneration and it helps to fight viral infections.

Apple juice on the other hand has very similar health benefits as Grape juice, such as, impoves eye health, relive symptoms of asthma, protect the brain, support heart health, and few more other benefits it aids in weight loss, improves skin and liver function. Why, not mix those two together and enjoy all the goodness.

So start your day with this heavenly juice and enjoy all the benefits grape apple juice has to offer!

I use Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer and I love it because it saves me time on prep as I can load the whole recipe all at once and walk away, truly hands free. If you are looking for a new juicer feel free to use my code EVA10 to get 10 % of this Juicer.

Grape Apple Juice

Yield: 4 cups of juice


  • 3 Apples
  • 4 cups of grapes ( I used Muscat grapes)
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